TMI Fandom Image of the Day – Simon and Clary by Radioactive-Peach


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TMI Fandom Image of the Day – The loving Bromance that is Jace and Kyle



“when his self-appointed body guards realized he’d sneaked out of the apartment behind their backs. It had definitely involved some form of ‘Try that again, and I’ll kill you”. What it hadn’t involved was Kyle and Jace sitting on the futon couch side by side, looking for all the world like newly minted best friends. Kyle had a video game controller in his hands, and Jace was leaning forward, his elbows on his knees, watching intently. They barely seemed to notice Simon’s entrance”– City of Fallen Angels, by Cassandra Clare Chapter 7 Praetor Lupus

~ fan art by missanimestranger on deviantART

Image of the Day – The Mortal Instruments: Halloween by KatieCakes7



With special permission from KatieCakes7 on deviantART

Image of the Day – As if he lived again by Tina3006


Simon and Isabelle fan art by Tina3006 on deviantART

Image of the Day – Simon Lewis COMPLETE by ~Art-is-passion04



~Art-is-passion04 on deviantART

Image of the Day – Chairman Meow and Simon



Would have been a funny scene in the movie… deviantART by ~rawr-xoxo

Image of the Day – City of Bones by ~ShadesOfHades


~ShadesOfHades on deviantART