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The eye of the hurricane is calm; Yet in it, you can often find a tornado. Similarly, this week is our last calm week before the premieres begin and the movie is released to the world. There are some contests, a new snippet, and some other exciting fandom news. We will discuss all this and more in our seventeenth episode of Shadowhunter’s Stelecast: Eye of the Hurricane!

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In this episode:

      • We will begin with a brief couple announcements about the happenings in the fandom.
      • We will discuss the Philadelphia mall tour stop and some experiences there.
      • We will listen to Jamie’s new song and discuss what we think about it.
      • Following a spoiler warning, we will discuss a new City of Heavenly Fire snippet Cassandra Clare released!
      • If there’s time, we will end with some games!

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Join Us Tonight for Shadowhunters’ SteleCast Episode 10!


This week, we got a quiz that tells us what alliance we belong to from the Shadowhunter world, we got our first glimpse of Luke in picture form, and Cassandra Clare gave us another small snippet from City of Heavenly Fire. We will discuss all of this and more in our tenth episode of Shadowhunter’s Stelecast: Are You a Shadowhunter?!

As always, you can follow our tweets @SteleCast along with joining the chat with the hashtag #ShadowhuntersSC during the show.

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In this episode:

  • We will discuss experiences of The Mortal Instrument‘s portion of Books Expo America, since we couldn’t do so last week.
  • We will make a couple announcements about the happenings in the fandom.
  • We will discuss the new Alliance quiz and the new pictures that came with it.
  • We will discuss the new snippet Cassie revealed from City of Heavenly Fire. We will give a full TMI and TID spoiler warning before this discussion.
  • If we have time, we will end with a game!

Listen LIVE Wednesday, June 12 at 9pm ET by clicking here!

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If you made it to Book Expo America, what did you think of all of the Shadowhunter adventures? Does anything stand out to you that exists in both the TMI world and the TID world? Let us know what you think and we may read your comments during the podcast!

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You’re quite wr…

You’re quite wrong, you know. I am the most permanent person,” said Magnus, his voice breathless with laughter and his eyes stung a little by tears, “that you will ever meet. It is only that it never makes any difference.

Bane Chronicles Snippet, from

New Clockwork Princess Snippet

Cassandra Clare Clockwork Princess book cover The Infernal Devices

Clockwork Princess Book Cover

Cassandra Clare has gifted fans with yet another snippet from Clockwork Princess! It’s just our guess, but this one seems to link back to the “Dirty Sexy” scene she mentioned at a San Diego Q & A we attended early last month, aka the DSDS.

Her throat ached: adoration, heartbreak, in equal measure. “Kiss me,” she said. “Please.”

Our mind keeps filling in that second D as “dungeon”, probably because it’s sexier than “dining room” or the like, but we’ve got no idea what it actually could be! Hopefully, Cassie will be revealing the details soon!

Clockwork Princess Snippet

With the filming of City of Bones  getting underway and with us spending all of our time drooling over the cast there hasn’t been much talk of Clockwork Princess. However, despite this Cassie Clare has given us another one of her maddening excerpts of the book.



 Will began to move toward the door to join Charlotte. Halfway there, he turned back, and crossed the room to Tessa: “Please,” he said, “while I am with him, would you do something for me?”

Tessa looked up and swallowed. He was too close, too close: all the lines, shapes, angles of Will filled her field of vision as the sound of his voice filled her ears. “Yes, certainly,” she said. “What is it?”

 What do the Tessa/Will fans of think of this little snippet? I can’t wait till I can read Clockwork Princess. Does anyone have a time machine or a Tardis that I could borrow?

More New Clockwork Princess Snippets!

In celebration of Jem and Magnus both winning their respective rounds in the YA Crush Tourney, Cassandra Clare has released a new snippet featuring the characters!

The Infernal Devices Clockwork Princess Jem fan art artist unknown



Will’s eyes met Tessa’s as she came closer, almost tripping again over the torn hem of her gown. For a moment, they were in perfect understanding. Jem was what they could still look each other straight in the eye about. On the topic of Jem, they were both fierce and unyielding. Tessa saw Will’s hand tighten on Jem’s sleeve. “She’s here,” he said.

Jem’s eyes opened slowly. Tessa fought to keep the look of shock from her face. His pupils were blown out, his irises a thin ring of silver around the black. “Ni shou shang le ma, qin ai de?” he whispered.

NOTE: Cassandra Clare mentions in a later post that “Ni shou shang le ma, qin ai de?” translates to “Are you hurt, my love?”


“I am not at your beck and call,” Magnus said. “I helped with de Quincey because Camille requested it of me, and Will once, because he offered me a favor in return. I am a warlock. And I do not serve Shadowhunters for free.”

New Clockwork Princess Snippets for YA Crush Tourney

Cassandra Clare Clockwork Princess book cover The Infernal Devices

Clockwork Princess Book Cover

In honor of their matches in YA Sisterhood’s 2nd Annual Crush Tourney, Cassandra Clare has released a Jem-centric and Magnus-centric snippets from Clockwork Princess!

Jem and Tessa:

“Wo wei ni xie de,” he said, as he raised the violin to his left shoulder, tucking it under his chin. He had told her many violinists used a shoulder rest, but he did not: there was a slight mark on the side of his throat, like a permanent bruise, where the violin rested.

“You — made something for me?” Tessa asked.

“I wrote something for you,” he corrected, with a smile, and began to play.

Magnus and Will:

“If Jem dies, I cannot be with Tessa,” said Will. “Because it will be as if I were waiting for him to die, or took some joy in his death, if it let me have her. And I will not be that person. I will not profit from his death. So he must live.” He lowered his arm, his sleeve bloody. “It is the only way any of this can ever mean anything. Otherwise it is only —”

“Pointless, needless suffering and pain? I don’t suppose it would help if I told you that was the way life is. The good suffer, the evil flourish, and all that is mortal passes away,” Magnus said.

“I want more than that,” said Will. “You made me want more than that. You showed me I was only ever cursed because I had chosen to believe myself so. You told me there was possibility, meaning. And now you would turn your back on what you created.”

You can follow the YA Crush Tourney and vote for Jem, Magnus, Will, as well as Simon and Alec from The Mortal Instruments here!