Brief Summary

Alexander “Alec” Gideon Lightwood is a Nephilim. Alec is described as having a thin, wiry build and black hair and striking blue eyes.

Alexander Lightwood was the eldest child born to Maryse and Robert Lightwood. Two years after him, his sister, Isabelle Lightwood, was born, and his younger brother Max was born when he was nine. They are related to the Penhallows. When he was eleven years old, Jace Lightwood was adopted into their family, and Alec had an instant liking for Jace and they eventually became parabatai.

Despite their similar looks, Alec is very much the opposite of his sister in the sense that he is self conscious and serious. In the special “Kissed”, Alec is described as straightforward by Magnus and is said to be blunt as it is the only way he knew to be. Clary perceives that Alec appears “uncomfortable in his own skin.” This is possibly due to his fear of admitting to others that he is a homosexual. He convinces himself to believe he is in love with Jace as a way to escape his fear of being hurt by falling for Magnus. Alec is very protective of his family and assumes the most responsibility as the oldest of his siblings. He and Jace are parabatai, meaning that they are warriors who fight together and are closer than brothers.

He seems to pride himself in being allowed into the Court in City of Glass, him being the only one of the Lightwood children to go.

Alec is often soft spoken and serious in most situations. He tries his best to act wisely, and is shown not be as brave as Jace is. Up until later in the story, he had never killed a demon. However this is more because he puts Jace and his sister’s safety before killing demons, frequently putting himself in danger to protect them. He shows himself to be extremely caring of the ones he loves, and is willing to do anything to save them, also he is said to be “easily guilted”. Between the whole group, Alec is the most clever. Alec, as seen in City of Fallen Angels, can also become extremely jealous.

-Courtesy of  TheShadowhunters’ Wiki

Why We Like Him

Alec is a fierce young fighter with an old soul. Of The Mortal Instruments teens, he has the most knowledge of the Shadowhunter world and is perhaps the only one with the ability to stop and think things through. He’s mature enough to be treated as an adult, but he’ll still defy authority figures to stand up for what’s right. Alec may be a bundle of conflicted nerves in the first books, but he’s also the first to find love and be his true self, to hell with the consequences! His life may not be easy, but he is still the ever-resilient rock upon which the other characters rely.

I loved uncovering Alec bit by bit, he was lovely to read about- I couldn’t help but feel sympathetic to him. – Burdge-bug