Brief Summary

Simon Lewis is one of Clary’s best friends in Brooklyn, before they were introduced to the Shadow world. At one point in the series, Simon is turned into a vampire, later a Daylighter invulnerable to the sun.

Simon was born as the second child, next to his sister, Rebecca. Their family is Jewish. When he was six, he met Clary and the two soon became best friends. They also eventually began developing feelings for one another, especially Simon who realized that he loved her.

Simon is also the bassist of the band he had formed with his friends: Eric, Matt, Kirk and later, Jordan.

Prior to their lives being changed by the Shadowhunter world, Simon was an open geek and the bass player of a garage band. He was described as cute but doesn’t even realize it. He had been a vegetarian since he was 10 years old.

– Courtesy of The Shadowhunters’ Wiki

Why We Like Him

The best friend you wish you had! Simon Lewis is in a band, loves dorky things like comic books and anime (me too!), puts Clary before everything else, and is a vampire! Simon was never meant to be a part of the shadow world, but became a part of it when his best friend needed him. His love for his friend led his life down a new path that changed everything. When Simon became a vampire, he didn’t join the clan that hated Jace and Clary, but stuck with the kind that generally hate him, just to stay and protect Clary. If that isn’t best friend material, then I don’t know what is! – malfoyorwayland