Brief Summary

As beautiful as he is sarcastic. He’s the most charming Shadowhunter in all of London. He can make you laugh until tears start streaming, but can also kick intese demon butt. He a quick thinker when it comes to fighting, even if his decisions may be irrational at times. He’ll still win. His constant stand-off-ish personality takes it’s toll, however. He pushes those he loves away, and hides his feelings. Even from his best friend/parabatai/brother.

– Courtesy of claryslay

William Herondale was born to a Welsh family. He had an older sister, Ella, and a younger sister, Cecily. His father was a Shadowhunter who left the Clave after falling in love with a mundane. When Will was growing up, every six years he was asked if he wished to join the Enclave and he declined. However, when he was twelve years old, he discovered a pyxis that his father had kept from his Shadowhunter days. He unintentionally opened it and released a demon, which then attacked him. His sister Ella came running in and was attacked. While his sister was on the floor, the demon cursed Will so that he could never let any one love him or else they would die. He ran to the London Institute to keep his family safe. He never saw his parents again. Will became best friends with Jem Carstairs when he arrived in the Institute from China. When they were 14, they became parabatai.

He comes across as rude and arrogant, always utilising his quick wit and sarcasm. He is aware of his good looks and uses it to get his way. This is in fact a front that he uses to keep everyone at arms-length. He is actually caring and would risk his life for the people he loves. He is also self-sacrificing.

Will reads extensively and has a perfect memory. He can find a quote for almost any situation and often makes his own (very bad, although sometimes purposefully) poetry.

Will is described to have deep blue eyes and black hair that falls in his eyes. He has elegant features – high cheekbones; long, thick lashes; full lips and an elegant throat. He is muscular and well built with broad shoulders. He is mentioned to be 6 foot tall and have callused hands from his years of training as a shadowhunter. He is said to be extremely handsome by most people.

– Courtesy of The Shadowhunters’ Wiki

Why We Like Him

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than Jace… it does. Dark hair and blue eyes, the perfect combo, with a sexy accent to boot! Will believes he is under a curse that kills anyone he loves. So his insults, rude behavior, sarcasm, time spent in opium dens… that is all because he doesn’t want to get attached to and love anyone, and have them love him back. He is as selfless as it gets, and he loves books! He is so smart, knowing about demon pox, and creative enough to even write a song about it! Will is intelligent, sarcastic, selfless, a true English gentleman, and keeps you on your toes. – malfoyorwayland

Will Herondale, whenever I hear your name I think of love, loss, and a little song about Demon Pox.  You and your descendant Jace most alike with your hatred of ducks, wit and charms  however you are still a different man and have some defining qualities that make you who YOU are. Your selflessness would leave anyone blown away if only they knew. You care a lot for the ones you love, Tessa, Jem, and the Branwell’s. I also admire your love of literature and poetry and your brilliant memory for being able to recall passages of it even in the weirdest situations. I wish I had a memory like yours even if you have a memory rune to help. You are an amazing, one of a kind character and someday I hope I’ll be able to find guys in the real world that are like you. Keep on loving, caring and be free Will, you deserve it more than anyone. – theherondalegirl