City of Bones Fan Reviews

We want to hear from you!  This page is solely for the fans to post a super-cool review on the City of Bones movie in the comments below!  Let us know your favorite scenes, favorite quotes, and/or favorite characters in the movie!



15 responses to “City of Bones Fan Reviews

  1. I am absolutely in love with Jace! It’s not often I fall for the leading man but it’s kind of hard not to! What he lacks in physical beauty he makes up for in spirit and I absolutely adore Jace and Clary as a couple! My favorite scene is a hard one to pick but I’m leaning towards the end where she used her runes and the freeze effect kicked in…

  2. I love the movie adaptation! The Hotel Dumort scene is my favorite! I love that Izzy and Alec are there to fight the Vampires too! Though a bit upset on the scene between Hodge and Valentine where one of the main plot twist of the series was messed up. But definitely love the cast and the storyline of the movie!

  3. i completely LOVED the movie, the BEST book to movie adaptation i have ever seen and i loved the changes they made to the movie especially moving the last battle from renwicks to the institute and making hodge turn good again ❤

  4. I loved the movie! I’ll admit that I was kind of nervous after hearing about negative reviews but I try not to judge anything before I see it. I was glad to see how many of the lines from the book they kept in. Simon absolutely broke my heart!

  5. I enjoyed it, no doubt, but it could be SO MUCH BETTER if they didn’t try to fit in every random fight. Loved Isabelle and Simon’s interaction, pretty much hated overuse of the background score. It just dumbed down so many scenes. Jamie as Jace was a saving grace, and though JRM was a convincing actor, I think the movie character is a one-dimensional evil being. Valentine hitting Jace was a bit too much. Little things, but there were so many of these issues. Hopefully they can do better with City of Ashes!

  6. I….. I loved the film, a few upsetting differences from the book. But it was still amazing and I have watched it sooo many times already. Can’t wait for city of Ashes to be produced, and for CoHF to be released! oh and I love sebastian. sorry XD

  7. The movie was absolutely phenomenal. I loved every part of it and it really couldn’t have been better. The books are amazing and the movie basically brought the books to life. the greenhouse scene… just wow. I love jace and clary!

  8. I really just love The Mortal instruments. It’s compelling, and I love Clary’s independent and strong nature – she is her own person, and is very admirable because of that.

  9. MY BEST PART OF THE MOVIE WAS THE KISSING SCENE !!! (it’s quiet obvious isn’t it ? hihi) hmmm , my favorite character is Jace Wayland ! ❤ he's mysterious and freakishly handsooooome ! :)))) ❤ (for me 😉

  10. Hey there from Germany! I watched the movie on 29th august! It was really awesome. Jamie playing Jace is really fitting witj his character. Also clary and jocelyn are very good castet they look like mother and daughter! One of my favorite characters is luke and he is so cool but i think he could be seen more ofte in the movie i kind of missed him! My favorite scene of the movie was definitly when simon confessed to clary that he loves her! I think it is a really good book adaption, even a teacher from my school says so. I also think they made the ending in the Institute very good, i had to read the book one more time because i thought that the mother wasn’t in he Institute in the book. I think this shows how good the movie is, if you have to read it again to confirm things i would say it was/is very great! Definitly worth watching it! And my absolute favorite movie so far! I was never so in love with a book or movie like now with the mortal Instruments! (Sorry for my english :D)
    If you haven’t watched it until now, GO AND WATCH IT!

  11. I went to the movie with my friends and we watched Mortal instruments. I ended up loving it a lot more than I expected. It was very nice.

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